Mike Richman Vs Chris Horodecki

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  • denny sosa

    Them Richman’s are bad dudes

  • Adam Schwarze

    “Sorry, Mike. I was telling everyone I didn’t make it out because I thought I’d be coming back home after 44 seconds, when obviously I would have gotten my money’s worth in that trip since you waited until the 1:23 minute mark to drop him.

    Horodecki, You got hit four times before you hit the mat. Good thing you were out after the first one. My condolences to you and all your fans up in Ontario.”

  • Dric

    Very impressive!

  • http://www.tacticalattributetraining.com Mark Royce

    Nice job Mike! Former Team Assassins # 1
    Very Proud!

    Mark Royce

  • Josh neuerburg

    Nice fight last night very impressed!

  • CSM E